Meet the musicians and singers behind UpRising! Click on their photo to enlarge the image.
Black & White Images Couresy of Jessi LeMay Photography (Dean & Mitch's Bio Photograph by A59 Photography)


Dean "D-dub" Wildman

Bass Guitar

Having a solid foundation in any musical genre is important and none more prevalent than in Reggae Music; enters Dean Wildman: A seasonsed professional bass player in his own right. Dean joins Uprising with amazing passion and talent keen to the music family with his inate sense of arrangement, composition and fluid delivery. Dean is a Devout Chuck Norris worshiper. Hi-yAHH!! Dean also plays in his local Reno, Rock Band- Tradgedy Spring

Latu "Tu" Tuipulotu


Tu is currently in his Sophomore year attending the University of Nevada at Reno where he is focused on pursuing a Law Degree. On his free time he likes to help out at the local senior citizen home near his neighborhood where he sings and dances for them. They all think he's Michael Jackson so, he just goes with it.

Mitch "Slim" Sperling

Battle Axes 1 & 2

Rounding out the group with melodic leads and syncopated guitar chords is Mitch Sperling. Responsible for all the string bending and memorable leads that comes at you from the stage. Mitch has an extensive collection of rare antique Steiff Bears and enjoys dancing to Zumba to get in shape. Go Mitch gO!!

Tevita "Juice" Halo


Juice is another one of the members of Uprising that is happily married. He is a transplant to Reno originally from New Zealand. Juice is an avid comic book reader and likes to practice magic. Oh, and he is a big time Harry Potter fanatic!! (cast spells) ...Finite Incantatum!! ~~~


Toni "Tone" Mokofisi


Toni is another member of the group that is married. Toni studies Kung Fu and was once a Shaolin Monk. He no longer practices his monk ways other than his hair style, but can often be found sparring with Chuck Norris.


Viliami "Yamz" Fulivai

Guitar/Vocals/Percussion/Keys (Musical Director)

Yamz is a well versatile Karate Champion. He is highly focused on his training, aiming to become the strongest he can. However, his powers also attract several criminals who want to use him for their plans... He was trained by Gouken.